Buy Swiss id card online

Buy Swiss id card online

Can I Buy a Swiss ID Card

Buy swiss ID cards: Yes! Of course, it very possible to buy a Swiss ID Card online.

We give you the  chance to Buy from us.

It can be registered or not registered in the database depending on the request of buyer.

How To Buy Swiss ID card

Buy swiss ID cards is not as difficult as many users think.

You need to apply to our Customer support page or Contact Us page. 

After that, fill in the form at the bottom of the page. 

Below is a list of Information you provide for swiss ID cards production;

1. Surname …….
2. First name …….
3. Date of birth …….
4. Place of birth ……
5. XXXXXX) ….
6. fingerprint …….
7. Signature … (Sign on plain white paper and send the picture of the signature as an attachment)
8. Photo of yourself (make a clear photo of yourself with both ears visible and send it as an attachment.)
9. Detailed home address for delivery utility purpose.

Buy Swiss id card online
Buy Swiss id card online
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